15 December 2012

New VAT Invoicing Rules (IRELAND) from 1st January 2013

New Irish VAT invoicing rules based on the EU (Value Added Tax) Regulations 2012 and the Value-Added Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2012 are being implemented in Ireland from January 2013.The idea is to simplify, modernise and bring a bit more flexibility to the VAT invoicing rules (allowing for electronic invoicing in particular).

New Rules - Allowing the issue of Valid VAT invoices in paper or electronic form.
The Conditions for electronic invoicing are very straight forward and all accounting software should comply with the provisions in the legislation including:
  • Both parties agree in advance to accept e-invoices
  • The invoicing or accounting software should retain and store all records required for VAT purposes and make them available to the Revenue.
  • The software should ensure all records can be reproduced in paper or electronic format.
  • The software should allow for retrival of all records by name, date or unique identification number of the record.

Both parties have an obligation to ensure the invoice is real and keep a reliable audit trail.

Option to issue a simplified invoice if the total amount is less than €100. A simplified invoice must include:
  • The Date
  • Invoice Number 
  • Full name and address and registration number of the business who supplied the goods / services
  •  Description of goods / Services and the tax payable
Option to issue a summary invoice if the business makes multiple supplies during the same calendar month to the same customer.

There are a number of other basic conditions, and provisions for batch invoicing discussed further in the Revenue Guidance document issued on the 6th December 2012 available here: http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/vat/leaflets/invoicing-rules-010113.pdf


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