1 February 2013

The current economy - be open to uncertainty

The economy has been ravaged in Ireland.

Seemingly solid structures like the banks and the government almost collapsed.

The multinational export business supports roughly 500,000 jobs in Ireland – directly and indirectly.

The market most hit by the recession is the other 1.5 + million jobs – the powerhouse of the Irish economy and the actual key to our recovery.

The effect on ordinary people has been particularly distressing

The small family run companies – who can’t expand or employ people or build a proper online platform due to levels of debt. Sole traders and Individuals under or unemployed, and the SME market (not linked to the multinational export business) hammered.

People are literally up to their necks in debt.

Most people are experiencing some kind of limit situation.

I hope the new insolvency legislation will help people recover from this and having dealt with David Hall – we would very much recommend the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation – for people concerned at the moment.

I think things are improving.

I found the video above recorded by Eckhart Tolle in 2009 at the crash about the economy and the situation we’ve been through in Ireland - extremely useful.

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