3 June 2014

VIES and Intrastat traders manual updated by Irish Revenue

A quick reminder that VIES and INTRASTAT Traders manual has been recently updated and posted to the Revenue.ie on the 23rd of May 2014.

There is no threshold for filing VIES returns with the Revenue - every VAT registered trader who sells goods or services to any VAT registered trader in the EU is required to file a VIES statement. This is a required for zero-rated sales  Or anything that may be subject to the reverse charge basis according to Article 196 of the VAT directive 2010.

The thresholds which trigger an obligation to register and file detailed monthly INTRASTAT returns are as follows:
  • €191,000 for Imports
  • €635,000 for Exports
The manual is available through the following link and Part A relates to VIES, which Part B relates to INTRASTAT. 

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