13 October 2014

New Revenue phishing email example

Just to beware - One of our clients received the following phishing email today, purportedly from the Irish Revenue, telling him he was - "No longer eligible to receive a tax return". due to "expiration of your current information" and asking to "renew this information by filling out a form".

In the "from" field of the email you can see "Revenue" <XZY@outlook.com> - which is a clear indication that the email wasn't sent by Revenue, but even if this spammer used "@Revenue.ie" it doesn't mean that the email is from a valid revenue sender as revenue.ie can be "spoofed" or the real sender's email hidden behind html/code.

The revenue will never send emails like this and are moving away from plain text email entirely due to security concerns.

Click on the image below to read actual text of email.

  • Revenue are aware of these scams, and for advice and further information please see: http://www.revenue.ie/en/security.html
  • Revenue have a secure (encrypted) email service - http://www.revenue.ie/en/online/secure-email.html and recommend never to send any information by email.

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